These schedules are in the proposal stage and are subject to discussion. At the moment, we are not looking for an all out competitive association, they just give people something to aim at to improve their flying. Both are non -turnaround type.


Novices can select any 5 manoeuvres from the Intermediate schedule and fly these in any order.

These manoeuvres need to be declared to the Contest Director before the start of the event.


  • Take off (not scored)
  • Two Inside Loops (U) K3
  • Straight Inverted (D) K2
  • Square Loop (U) K2
  • 2 Consecutive Rolls (D) K3
  • Cuban 8 with 1/2 Rolls (U) K4
  • 2 Ouside Loops (D) K3
  • Double Immelman (U) K2
  • Slow Roll (D) K3
  • 2 Turn Spin (U) K3
  • Landing (not scored)

Download Intermediate Schedule Graphics

Download Intermediate Schedule Descriptors


  • Take off (not scored)
  • Double Immelman (U) K2
  • Slow Roll (D) K3
  • 2 Consecutive Loops (U) K3
  • 2 Consecutive Rolls (D) K3
  • Top Hat with Half Rolls up and down (U) K3
  • Two Outside Loops (D) K4
  • Square Loop on Corner (U) K3
  • Inverted Flight (D) K2
  • Stall Turn ¼ roll up and down (U) K2
  • Cuban Eight with Half Rolls (D) K3
  • Two Turn Spin (U) K2
  • Landing (not scored)

Download Expert Schedule Descriptors

Historical Collection

We have been collecting a number of historical F3A (and earlier) pattern schedules.

The descriptions may not be wholly accurate but they are a wonderful indication of how the schedules have developed:-

These first few are up to the start of the turnaround era - 1960 -1984






The Turnaround era


1990 GBR/CAA Standard Schedule

1989/90 FAI Master

Moving further forward in time, the AMA 1992- 1993 Aerobatic Contest rules are also now available for download.

More to come - hopefully

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