For 2024/25, we have further developed the PICK5 and Pick7 system originally devised by Brian Ball.

You can effectively pick your own schedule from a selection of Maneuvers that will suit your ability and also the era of model that you have selected to fly.

The full explanation, maneuvres and rules can be downloaded from here.

2024 PICK5 and PICK7 rules download


Historical Collection

We have been collecting a number of historical F3A (and earlier) pattern schedules.

The descriptions may not be wholly accurate but they are a wonderful indication of how the schedules have developed:-

These first few are up to the start of the turnaround era - 1960 -1984






The Turnaround era


1990 GBR/CAA Standard Schedule

1989/90 FAI Master

Moving further forward in time, the AMA 1992- 1993 Aerobatic Contest rules are also now available for download.

More to come - hopefully

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