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04 Dec 2021

UKCAA 2022-23 Pick 5 and Pick 7 Rules

The new UKCAA Pick5 and Pick 7 Rules for the 2022 and 2023 contest seasons are available for download. Note these are a corrected set to remove a typo in version 2c.

(Now version 2d, uploaded 15th January 2022)


Download Rules Here

The MS Word format Pick5 and Pick7 forms can be downloaded here


Download Forms Here


Note there are some significant changes to the 2018 ruleset including different manoeuvres to select from
17 Mar 2021

UKCAA 1979 Rules Documentation

Here are the three documents for use with the new UKCAA 1979 pre turnaround contest events for 2021.

Model Specifications

1979 Schedule Descriptors

Judges Forms

Note all Documents are draft

21 Mar 2020


Due to the COVID-19 pandemic we are suspending the 2020 UKCAA events programme indefinitely for the following reasons:

1. We are a responsible group and put the health of our members foremost.

2. We don't want to put people under pressure to travel and attend

3. We don't want members to feel they may be missing out if we do run events and they choose not to or are unable to attend

4. We remove the risk of cross contamination with host club members and any obligation the club may feel to host an event.

We will restart the programme when it is deemed safe to do so

I don't want to put an end date as we really don't know when it will end, we will follow Government advice.

We will suspend further membership renewals for this year and roll forward anyone who has already renewed until 28 Feb 2022. Any members not renewed this year will have their membership rolled forward until 28 February 2021, new members will have their membership extended until 28 February 2022. If your membership has lapsed and you wish to leave the UKCAA, pleas let me know and I will remove you from the database.

We are really sorry about this, we hope the programme will resume some time during this year but it is more important that the health and well being of our members is maintained.

Please assume that events are OFF (irrespective of what you may see in BMFA News or RCM&E) unless you receive a notification from me to the contrary.

16 Mar 2020

Adagio and Pacemaker parts

Plans for these two classic Ken Binks design are still available from the UKCAA - email, price £23.55 non members and £18.55 members.  Price is inclusive of UK mainland registered postage. This includes a charitable donation of £5.00 per plan

Wing cores and cut ply parts are available from Cloud Models.

A canopy for the Adagio is available from Vortex Vacforms. Please contact Steve on   or check out the website

04 Jul 2019

Ken Binks Pacemaker and Adagio Plans

Ken Binks Pacemaker and Adagio Plans

The UKCAA are pleased to be able to supply plans for these two excellent designs.

The price is £15.00 each for UKCAA members and £20.00 for non-members (plus carriage costs). Each plan sale includes a £5.00 contribution to charity


Please contact the UKCAA on for further details

26 Feb 2018

UKCAA and the GDPR

The UKCAA information management responsibilities to members.

Download Here


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