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04 Jul 2019

Ken Binks Pacemaker and Adagio Plans

Ken Binks Pacemaker and Adagio Plans

The UKCAA are pleased to be able to supply plans for these two excellent designs.

The price is £15.00 each for UKCAA members and £20.00 for non-members (plus carriage costs). Each plan sale includes a £5.00 contribution to charity


Please contact the UKCAA on for further details

05 Apr 2019

Pick 5/7 Descriptors - Correction

There was an error in the descriptor for the Cuban 8. The Pick5/7 Descriptors document has been corrected and has now been re-released as version 1a.

Download  from here: 

Download Document (pdf)



20 Jan 2019

New Plans and Articles

An update to the plans and articles list including:

"Tiporare" - the American 'Curare'

Terry Anderson's "Rocket"

"Chilli Wind" - an easy build British design

"Brushfire" - a very nice American design reminiscent of a Bulldog

"25 years of Pattern" article - covers the UKCAA era perfectly

"DFH 20" - Scandinavian design

"Marabu Mk3" - An early 70s design


Check the Association Info Tab



12 Nov 2018

Pick5/7 Descriptors available for download

Pick 5 and Pick 7 Manoeuvre Descriptors now available for download.

Thanks to Terry Anderson for proof reading and correcting the errors.


Download Document (pdf)
18 Oct 2018

Pick5/7 Competitors Pro-forma

You can now download the Pick5/7 form (single forms for both) as a MS Word (docx) document by clicking on the link.

Simply download, fill the form in, practice your selected schedule and bring the forms to the next UKCAA comp.


Download Document (MS Word docx)
22 May 2018

Pick 5 and Pick 7 Rules (revision 1.3)

UKCAA Pick 5 and Pick 7 Rules

These have been very slightly revised to make them clearer to read. Please ensure that you understand them and the manoeuvres are entered in the correct order when you complete your personal schedule.

Download here: UKCAA Pick 5 and Pick 7 rule set


26 Feb 2018

UKCAA and the GDPR

The UKCAA information management responsibilities to members.

Download Here


17 Jan 2018

2018 Pick5 and (new) Pick7 Contest Format

The 2018 Contest Guidance is now available for download from the Schedules Section on the main webpage (Under Association Info)

2018 Pick5 and Pick7 Contests

(Revised to include Ribbon Diagrams)

Note that the contests will follow the same style as 2017. These will be secondary events to the popular Fly-in format, held over the Lunch break where local clubs allow this.

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