Noise tests

Some sites require us to test that our models fall within BMFA guidelines of 82dBA @ 7m, and some results are listed here for guidance.

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ModelMotorSilencerPropPropSizeNoise Level (db)Pass
AtlasOS 75AXStandardAPC13x882786679Passed
Ripmax JiveElectric 4SnaAPC11x5.576727170Passed
H9 P47 ThunderboltSC91STDAPC14x681797480Passed
FunflyOS45Standard + 2nd baffleAPC12 x 481777678Passed
FunFlySC46StandardAPC12 x 479777378Passed
Super 60SC46StandardWood11 x 775756775Passed
FunFlySC46StandardAPC11 x 482787578Passed
Flair LighteningOS 61RFPOS PipeAPC12x1079776674Passed
TornadoOS 61 RFPOS PipeAPC12x1081786980Passed
Funtana 100OS 120 FSStandardAPC15x1082747682Passed
Chilli WindOS Hanno SpecialHanno mk2 PipeAPC12x1280787480Passed
Ravi AvisOS 46FXStandardAPC12.75x3.2573717175Passed
Crescent BulletOS 46FXStandardAPC10x975757178Passed
TornadoOS 61RFPRFP PipeAPC12x1181817582Passed
AdagioOS 61RFPHanno PipeAPC12x1182807382Passed

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