Classic Aerobatic Articles

These aericles have been reproduced from magazines that are no longer commercially available. Copyright for each article remains with the publisher.

Updated 2020-05-12

Article Author Year Source
1973 World Aerobatic Championships Report   1973/11 RCM&E
1978 FAI Schedule   1978/2 RM
Aerocrat Bill Simmonds 1970/8 RM
Art of Knife Edge Flight Maurice Franklin 1967/8 RCM&E
Atlas Wolfgang Matt 1976/6 RCM&E
Arrow Wolfgang Matt 1980/6 MAN
Astro Hog Fred Dunn 1958/4 MAN
Banshee Jim Martin 1971/9 Flying Models
Bar-Fli Phil Kraft 1967/12 RCM&E
Blue Angel - Yoshioka - Profile of a World Champion Tsugutaka Yoshioka 1974/4 AAM/MAN
Centurion Dennis Hammant 1974/4 RCM&E
Clipper 3 Chick Holland 1971/1 RM
Concept 5-84 Clive Weller 1984/12 RM
Configurator 3 George Buso 1974/12 AAM
Curare Hanno Prettner 1976/12 MAN
Curare Hanno Prettner 1977 RCM&E
Curare Parts Hanno Prettner 1977 N/A
Daddy Rabbit Jim Whitley 1967/5 MAN
Deja-Vue Ron Russell 1976/4 RM
Delphin Fritz Bosch 1966/8 RCM&E
DFH15 Bengt Lundstrom 1974/11 RCM&E
Diamond 40 Tony Wright 1979/3 RM
Dirty Birdy Joe Bridi   RCM
Dragonnette Jerry Parker 1972/4 RCM
Equaliser Stuart Foster 1969/4 RCM&E
Fire-Fli Phil Kraft 1972/4 RCM&E
Flea-Fli Phil Kraft 1968/12 RCM&E
Hot Pants Gerald Nelson 1972/9 AAM
Illusion Andy Nichols 1991/1 RM
Jetta Mike Delacole 1981/6 RCM&E
Kaos 60 Joe Bridi 1970 RCM
Kaos 90> Dewey Newbold and James Cummings 1984/11 MAN
Knife Edge Sandy Morrison 1970/5 RM
Kwik-Fli 3 to 4 Conversion article Phil Kraft 1969/12 RCM&E
Kwik-Fli 3 - 40th Anniversary - Reflex XTR Discussion and Evaluation Burkhard Erdlenbruch 2007/10 Private
Magic Hanno Prettner 1982/4 RCM&E
Marabu Bruni Giezendanner 1970/1 RCM&E
Mercura Clive Weller 1982/8 RM
Mongoose 2 Harold & Tracy Ackeret 1983/3 RC Modeler
Moonglow Mike Birch 1968/9 RM
New Era 40 Lee Renaud 1984/1 RC Modeler
New Era III (25) Lee Renaud   RC Modeler
Norseman III R E Chapman 1964/2 RC Modeler
Pisces Dave Hale 1973/9  
Rapier Pete Malone 1970/3 RM
Shrike Bob Violett 1974/1 AAM
Slik-Fli Phil Kraft 1969/11 RCM&E
Snark Bob Bowman 1972/1 RM
Spectre Dennis Hammant 1967/6 RM
Spitpanzer Richard Brand 1970/3 RCM&E
Striker Peter Russell 1970/11 RCM&E
Styx Pierre Marrot 1970/6 RCM&E
Super Sicroli Hanno Prettner 1974/8 RCM&E
Super Kaos Joe Bridi 1973/5 RC Modeler
SuperStar 1 Wolfgang Matt 1970/2 RCM&E
SuperStar 2 Wolfgang Matt 1972/2 RCM&E
Tiger Tail Ron Chidgey 1973/4 RCM&E
Tiger Tail Ron Chidgey 1972/3 MAN
Titan Clive Weller 1978/5 RM
Tuned Pipes Kevin Linsey 1978/10 RCM&E
Turnaround Aerobatics Clive Weller 1983/1 RM
Twister Doug Spreng 1968/2 RM
Upset Chris Olsen 1967/11 RCM
Upset 2 Chris Olsen 1968/4 RCM&E
Warlord Jim Wilmot 1973/10 AAM
Yankee Bob Noll 1974/9 AAM


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